Rock Impressions L


L'Effet Defee Al Trop   Prog
L.A. Guns Tales From the Strip   Hard Rock
La 1919 False Memory Syndrome new Prog
La Desooorden La Isla de los Muertos   Prog Folk Jazz
La Desooorden Ciudad del Papel   Prog Folk
La Manna Fabio Res Parallela   Prog Metal
La Viola Bandini Mazzucconi Contamination Live   Fusion
Labirinto di Specchi Hanblecheya   Prog
LaBrie James Elements of Persuasion   Prog Metal
LaBrie James Static Impulse   Prog Metal
LaBrie James I Will Not Break new Prog Metal
Lacrimas Profundere Ave End   Gothic
Lacrimosa Fassade   Gothic
Lady Lake Supercleandreammachine   Prog
Lady Lake Unearthed   Prog
Lagartija Particelle   Post Rock
Lalu Oniric Metal   Prog Metal
Lament Breathless   Death Metal
Lance King A Moment in Chiros   Prog Metal
Landmarq Live in Poland 2005   Prog
Lane Lana Ballad Collection s.e.   Synphonic Rock
Lane Lana Love is an Illusion s.e.   Synphonic Rock
Lane Lana Garden of the Moon s.e.   Synphonic Rock
Lane Lana Project Shangri-La   Synphonic Rock
Lane Lana Curious Goods s.e.   Synphonic Rock
Lane Lana Covers Collection   Hard Rock
Lane Lana Winter Sessions   Synphonic Rock
Lane Lana Storybook + Return To Japan   Synphonic Rock
Lane Lana Lady Macbeth   Synphonic Rock
Lane Lana 10th Anniverary Concert   Synphonic Rock
Lane Lana Gemini   Synphonic Rock
Lane Lana Red Planet Boulevard   Synphonic Rock
Lane Lana Best of Lana Lane 2000 - 2008   Synphonic Rock
Lane & Norlander European Tour 2001 souvenir CD   Synphonic Rock
Lane & Norlander European Tour 2003 souvenir CD   Synphonic Rock
Lanfear X to the Power of Ten   Power Metal
Larsson Sven Bad Mad Man   AOR
Last Autumn's Dream II   AOR
Last Dance Whispers in Rage   Gothic
Last Dance Once Beautiful   Gothic
Last Warning Throughout Time   Prog Metal
Latte E Miele Passio Secundum Mattheum new Prog
Laurini Luca Il Look Degli Animali Domestici Vaganti new Cantautore
Lavoirlinge Rumbling Machine   Stoner
Lavoirlinge Short-Leg Dog   Hard Rock
Lazzara Salvo Pensiero Nomade - Materia e Memoria   Jazz
Lazzara Pietropaoli Guidoni Imperfetta Solitudine   Jazz
Lazzaruolo Lucio Amelia and Other Favourites   Virtuoso
Le Carte 100   Alternative
Le Tekro Ronni Extra Strong String   Virtuoso
Le Trio Gitan Surprises   Gypsy Jazz
Leaves Eyes Lovelorn   Gothic Metal
Leaves' Eyes Elegy   Gothic Metal
Leaves' Eyes Vinland Saga   Gothic Metal
Lecherous Gaze On the Skids   Hard Rock
Lee Firkins Michael Decomposition   Virtuoso
Lef-T My Left Side   Rock
Legend Cardinal Points   Prog
Legg Adrian Inheritance   Virtuoso
Legittimo Brigantaggio Il Cielo degli Esclusi   Folk Rock
Leigh Geoff & Hara Yumi Upstream   Jazz
Leit Motiv L'Audace Bianco Sporca il Resto   Indie Rock
Leonardo The Absolute Man   Prog Metal
Leper And Everybody Died   Gothic
Let Me Dream Greyscales   Gothic Metal
Letatlin La Sepoltura delle Farfalle   Gothic
Letum The Entrance To Salvation   Gothic Ambient
Letzte Instanz Schuldig   Gothic
Level-C Level-C   Heavy Metal
Leverage Tides   Pomp Metal
Leverage Blind Fire   Pomp Metal
Levin Minnemann Rudess Levin Minnemann Rudess   Virtuoso
Levis Hostel A Minor Quarrel   Rock
Levis Hostel Star Bell Jar   Glam
Lewis Juliette Terra Incognita   Hard Rock
Li Camp Born to Resist   Punk
Lia Fail Restless Eyes   Goth Folk
Liberae Phonocratia Presuntrogloland new Jazz Prog
Liesegang White Visual Surveillance of Extremities   Hard Rock
Life Cocoon   AOR
Life Line Project Modinha   Prog
Life Line Project The Finnishing Touch   Prog
Life Line Project The King   Prog
Life Line Project Beyond Time   Prog
Life Line Project Distorted Memories   Prog
Life Line Project The Journey   Prog
Life Line Project Time Out   Prog
Life Line Project 20 Years After   Prog
Life Line Project Armenia   Prog
Light Corporation Rare Dialect   Jazz Rock
Light Corporation Aliens From Planet Earth   Jazz Rock
Light Corporation About   Jazz Rock
Light Damage Light Damage new Prog
Lik Besvartade Strofer   Dark Rock
Lili Refrain Lili Refrain   Sperimentale
Lilith and the Sinnersaints The Black Lady and the Sinner Saints   Rock
Lilith and the Sinnersaints Revoluce new Rock
Lilium Others   Alternative
Lilium Aeris Leys d'Amour   Medieval
Lillian Axe Water Rising   Hard Rock
Lily Storm If I Had a Key to the Dawn   World Music
Lily's Puff Heaven Frowns   Ambient Goth
Linda & the Punch Obsession new AOR
Lingalad La Locanda del Vento   Prog
Lino Franceschetti Trio In Concert   Jazz
Lionsheart Abyss   Heavy Metal
Lionville II   AOR
Listeria Full of Fire   Heavy Metal
Litai Litai   Prog
Little Tragedies Return   Prog
Little Tragedies Chinese Songs   Prog
Liverani Daniele Genius   Prog Metal
Liverani Daniele Genius II   Prog Metal
Liverani Daniele Daily Trauma   Prog Metal
Liverani Daniele Genius III   Prog Metal
Liverani Daniele Fantasia new Neo Classic HM
Living Sacrifice Conceived in Fire   Hard Core
Lo Polidoro Le Carrousel des Jours   Pop
Local 7 Substrat   Prog
Logos L'Enigma della Vita new Prog
Lola Sprint & The Cat Mon Voyage   Electronic
Lolli Riccardo Fuori Catalogo new Cantautore
London Underground Through A Glass Darkly   Prog
Lone Empty Bed Lone Empty Bed   Jazz Rock
Long Distance Calling Avoid The Light   Psichedelic
Longheu Tony Lo-Fi Project 03   Ambient
Longing For Dawn A Treacherous Ascension   Funeral Doom
Longing For Dawn Between Elation and Despair   Funeral Doom
Loo Alan Memories   Prog
Looking 4 a Name Lookinf For...   Prog
Looking 4 a Name Tetragram   Prog
Lord of Mushrooms Seven Deadly Songs   Prog Metal
Lord Vampyr's Shadowreign Cult Of Lilith   Gothic Metal
Loreweaver Imperviae Auditiones   Prog Metal
Lost In Tears Dialogue With Mirror and God   Gothic Metal
Lost In Tears To No Avail   Gothic Metal
Lost World Awakening of the Elements   Prog
Loureiro Kiko No Gravity   Virtuoso
Loureiro Kiko Universo Inverso   Virtuoso
Love Like Blood Chronology of a Love Affair   Gothic
Love.Might.Kill 2 Big 2 Fail   Heavy Rock
Love Sessions 2   Faerie Music
Love Under Cover Set the Night On Fire   Heavy Rock
Love Under Cover Into the Night new Heavy Rock
Loveless Star Rover   Gothic Metal
Loverboy Rock 'n' Roll Revival   AOR
Low Budget Orchestra The Second Best   Prog
Lu7 Efflorescence   Jazz Rock
Lu7 L'Esprit de l'Exile   Prog
Lucifer Was In Anadi's Bower   Dark Rock
Lucifer Was The Divine Tree   Dark Rock
Lucifer Was The Crown of Creation   Prog
Lucus Semen Roris   Medieval
Lucyfire This Dollar Saved My Life At...   Gothic Metal
Lukather Steve Ever Changing Times   AOR
Lumsk Troll   Folk Metal
Lunainfea Lunainfea   Rock
Lunar Chateau Beyond the Reach of Dreams   Prog
Lunatic Asylum Lunatic Asylum   Prog Metal
Lunatic Soul Lunatic Soul   Prog
Lunatica Fables & Dreams   Heavy Metal
Lunatica The Edge of Infinity   Heavy Metal
Lunocode Celestial Harmonies   Prog Metal
Lupercalia Florilegium   Medieval
Lupercalia Soehrimnir & Mediestetica   Medieval
Lycia Compilation Appearances vol.1   Gothic
Lys Mélisse   Electronic

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