Rock Impressions


Paatos Kallokain Prog
Paatos Silence of Another Kind Prog
Padovani Lelio The Big Picture Virtuoso
Padovani Lelio Chasing The Muse Virtuoso
Padovani Lelio Electronic Ep Electronic
Padovani Lelio Waves Virtuoso
Paidarion Finlandia Project Two Worlds Encounter Prog
Pain Of Salvation Be Prog
Pain Of Salvation Be, Original Stage Production (DVD) Prog
Pain Of Salvation Scarsick Prog Metal
Pain Of Salvation Ending Themes Prog Metal
Pain Of Salvation Linoleum Prog Metal
Pain Of Salvation Road Salt One Hard Rock
Pain Of Salvation Road Salt Two Hard Rock
Pain Of Salvation Falling Home Acoustic
Pain Of Salvation Remedy Lane Revisited Prog Metal
Pain Of Salvation The Passing Light of Day Prog Metal
Pagan's Mind God's Equation Prog Metal
Palace Terrace Flying Through Infinity Prog Metal
Pale Acute Moon Newtopia Prog
Pale Forest Exit Mould Modern Hard
Pallas The Sentinel Prog
Pallas The Cross & the Crucible Prog
Pallas The Bliding Darkness (2CD + DVD) Prog
Pallas The Dreams of Men Prog
Pallas Moment to Moment Prog
Pan Del Diavolo, Il Sono All'Osso Folk Rock
Pandora Sempre e Ovunque Oltre il Sogno Prog
Pandora Alibi Filosofico Prog
Pane Orsa Maggiore Prog
Pangaea A Time & a Place Prog
Pangea Retrospectacular Hard Rock
Pantokrator Blood Black Metal
Panunzi Stefano Beyond the Illusion Prog
Paradox Overcome or Burn Forever in Hell Black Metal
Parallel or 90 Degrees Unbranded Prog
Parallel or 90 Degrees A Can of Worms Prog
Par Lindh Project In Concert, Live in Poland Prog
Parry Ian Visions Heavy Metal
Parsons Alan Eye to Eye, Live in Madrid Rock
Pathosray Pathosray Prog Metal
Patti Perfetti Patti Perfetti Christian Rock
Paul Butterfield Band Rockpalast: Rock Blues Legends vol.2 Rock Blues
Paul Chain Violet Theatre Detaching From Satan Dark Rock
Paul Chain Violet Theatre In the Darkness Dark Rock
Paul Lamb and the King Snakes I'm on a Roll Rock Blues
Paul Raymond Project Man on a Mission Hard Rock
Paulicelli Michele Ora et Labora Pop Italiano
Pavic Unconditioned Heavy Rock
Pavlov's Dog Echo & Boo Prog
Pavlov's Dog Prodigal Dreamer Prog
Payssan Jean-Luc Pierrots & Arlequins Medieval Prog
P.C. Translate Lo-Fi Lovers Experimental
P.C. Translate Collage Creation Experimental
P.C. Translate Electronic Music Electronic
P.C. Translate IV Experimental
Peacebreakers Ready To Go Punk
Pedestrians Of Blue The Second Monologue Prog Metal
Pelosi Mauro Pelosi Mauro Cantautore
Pendragon The Masquerade Overture Prog
Pendragon The History: 1984-2000 Prog
Pendragon Believe Prog
Pendragon Past and Present Prog
Pendragon Pure Prog
Pendragon Concerto Maximo Prog
Pendragon Out of Order Comes Chaos Prog
Penitent Songs Of Despair Gothic Metal
Peo Look What I've Started Melodic Rock
Percudani Mario New Day Rock
Perelman Morris Pandi One Free Jazz
Perfect Beings Perfect Beings Prog
Persuader Persuader Heavy Metal
Peter and the Test Tube Babies A Foot Full of Bullets Punk
Peter Room Sumire Art Rock
Peterik Jim Above the Storm Hard Rock
Petrini Armando Good Mood Virtuoso
Petrosino Slices Psichedelic
Petrucci & Rudess An Evening With... Virtuoso
Phaedra Ptah Prog
Phaenomena The Praise of Madness Prog Metal
Pharaoh Overlord # 1 Stoner
Phenomena Psycho Fantasy Hard Rock
Phideaux The Great Leap Prog
Phono Emergency Tool Get Lost Indie Rock
Phonogenix Metagaia World Music
Picaroon's Spark Nightfeast in Highfires Wood Prog Metal
Piccola Orchestra Karasciò Made in Italy Rock Italiano
Pictorial Wand The Sleeper's Awakening Prog
Picture Of A Thousand Worlds demo Prog Metal
Pieri Di Rienzo Drum 'n Cello Jazz
Pierrot Lunaire Tre Prog
Pimazzoni Andrea Timeless Void Jazz
Pineapple Thief, the Tightly Untold Prog
Pineapple Thief, the Someone Here Is Missing Prog
Pineapple Thief, the All the Wars Prog
Pineapple Thief, the Mangnolia Prog
Pineapple Thief, the Your Wilderness Prog
Pinelli Dario - Italian Gypsy Jazz Trio Just Wine About It! Gypsy Jazz
Pink Cream 69 Foof For Thought Hard Rock
Pink Cream 69 Live Hard Rock
Pink Cream 69 In10sity Hard Rock
Pink Floyd Meddle Psichedelica
Pinknruby The Vast Astonishment Faerie Music
Pinknruby Garden Faerie Music
Pinknruby Queen Kale Faerie Music
Pinnick Dug Emotional Animal Hard Rock
Pipitone Carmelo Cornucopia Cantautore
Pipitone Carmelo Segreto Pubblico Cantautore
Pivirama In My Mind Indie Rock
Place Called Rage Place Called Rage Hard Rock
Place Vendome Place Vendome Hard Rock
Plan De Fuga In A Minute Post Rock
Planet Alliance Planet Alliance Heavy Metal
Planet X Quantum Prog Metal
Platitude Silence Speaks Heavy Metal
PLC Rock Surgery Rock
Plunge Hometown Hero Hard Rock
Plurima Mundi Atto I Prog
Plurima Mundi Percorsi Prog
PMS Premenstrual Syndrome Ethereal
PMS Di Giallo e Grigio Ethereal
Poco Alive in the Heart of the Night Country
Poets To Their Beloved Embrace the Fool Neo Classica
Poisonblack Escapextacy Gothic Metal
Poisonheart Till the Morning Light Glam
Polak Milan Dreamscapes Virtuoso
Polak Milan Guitar Odyssey Virtuoso
Polak Milan Straight Hard Rock
Polak Milan Can't Please Everyone Heavy Metal
Polar For the Masses Let Me Be Here Psych Rock
Polar For the Masses Silence Psych Rock
Poli Luciano My Gipsy Soul Gipsy Jazz
Polska Radio One Cosmos Inside Psichedelic
Ponamero Sundown Stonerized Stoner
Popol Vuh Das Hohelied Salomos Prog
Popol Vuh Letzte Tage - Letzte Nachte Prog
Porcupine Tree Coma Divine Prog
Porcupine Tree Nil Recurring Prog
Porcupine Tree The Incident Prog
Porcupine Tree Anesthetize - Live in Tilburg Prog
Porcupine Tree Recordings Prog
Porsti Kimmo Wayfarer Prog
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Burepolom Prog Metal
Posto Blocco 19 Motivi di Sempre Prog
Postures Halucinda Prog
Poverty's No Crime Save My Soul Prog Metal
Power of Omens Eyes of the Oracle Prog Metal
Power of Zeus The Gospel According to Zeus Hard Rock
Powers Court The Red Mist of Edenmore Heavy Metal
Praying Mantis Best Of Heavy Metal
Presciuttini Andrea Steady Mutations Jazz
Presence Masters and Following Dark Prog
Present A Great Inhumane Adventure Prog
Presto Ballet The Lost Art of Time Travel Prog
Pretty Maids Pandemonium Hard Rock
Pretty Things, the S.F. Sorrow Rock Blues
Pretty Things, the Bare As Bone, Bright As Blood Rock Blues
Pretty Wild All the Way Hard Rock
Pretty Wild Pretty Wild Hard Rock
Priam Diffraction Prog
Price, The Another Chance to Rise Hard Rock
Pride Of Lions The Destiny Stone Hard Rock
Pride Of Lions Live in Belgium Hard Rock
Pride Of Lions The Roaring of Dreams Hard Rock
Primal Fear New Religion Heavy Metal
Primal Fear Live in the USA Heavy Metal
Primary The Enemy Inside Prog Metal
Prime Time Free the Dream AOR
Priority Light is Decomposed into Fragments Prog
Procession 9 Gennaio 1972 Rock
Profusion RewoToweR Prog Metal
Profusion Phersu Prog Metal
Progetto Luna Ogni Tanto Sento le Voci Rock Italiano
Project Creation The Floating World Prog Metal
Project Czar Fight to the Light Heavy Rock
Project Czar In My Heart Heavy Rock
Project Patchwork Tales From a Hidden Dream Prog Metal
Project Pitchfork Dream, Tiresias! EBM
Promised Lie 2 Heavy Metal
Prophexy Alconauta Prog Metal
Prophexy Improvviso Prog
Prospective The Dark Side of Life Electro Goth
Protagonist Songs of Experience Gothic
Proto-Kaw Before Became After Prog
Proto-Kaw The Wait of Glory Prog
Protocollo C Protocollo C Prog
Provenance Still at Arms Length Gothic Metal
Provenance How Would You Like To Be Spat At Gothic Metal
Prowlers Devil's Bridge Heavy Metal
Psicosuono Aut Aut Rock
Psicosuono Eta Carinae Prog
Psicosuono Metropoli Rock

Psychedelic Shag

The Sunlight Underground Space Rock
Psycho d-Vein Fallen Gothic
Psycho Kinder Democratiche Ipocrisie Gothic
Psycho-Path The Ass-Soul of Psycho-Path Rock
Psycho Praxis Echoes From the Deep Prog
Psychocean Embrional Confinement Sperimentale
Psychopathic Romantics Pretty Prizes Post Rock
Puissance Total Cleansing Gothic
Pulcher Femina Darkness Prevail EBM
Pulsar Bienvenue au conseil d'administration Prog
Pump Breakdown To Breakthrough Hard Rock
Puppet Show Traumatized Prog
Pure Reason Revolution Amor Vincit Omnia Electro Prog
Pyramid Gaudi's Legacy Prog Metal
Pythagoras The Correlated ABC Prog
Pythagoras Live at Pulchri Prog
Pythons Never Enough Hard Rock

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