Rock Impressions I


I Found God What Now? Nu Metal
I Know You Well Miss Clara Chapter One Fusion
I:Scintilla Optic Industrial
Iacopo Fedi & the Family Bones Over the Nation Rock Psichedelico
Iamthemorning Lighthouse Prog
Ian Hunter & the Rant Band When I'm President Rock
Ice The Saga Prog
Iced Earth Framing Armageddon Heavy Metal
Iced Earth The Crucible of Man Heavy Metal
Icon Of Coil The Soul is in the Software / Access and... EBM
Iconae Live at the Church of the Holy Ghost Gothic
Id Guinness Cure For The Common Crush Prog
Id Guinness Soul Envy Prog
Idea Ostile ... Destabilizzazione in Corso... Dark Rock
Iervolino Mimmo Attimi di Cielo Pop Italiano
If Morpho Nestina Prog
Ifsounds Reset Prog
Igzit Nine Igzit Nine Prog
Ikon Destroying the World to Save It Gothic
Il Buco del Baco Sotto il Segno della Lampreda Prog
Il Giardino Onirico Apofenia Prog
Il Giudizio di Eleonora Il Giudizio di Eleonora Rock Italiano
Il Segno del Comando Il Segno del Comando Dark Rock
Il Segno del Comando Il Volto Verde Dark Rock
Il Segno del Comando L'Incanto dello Zero Dark Rock
Il Sentiero di Taus Macrocosmosi Prog
Il Silenzio delle Vergini Su Rami di Diamante Rock Elettronico
Il Silenzio delle Vergini Fiori Recisi Rock Elettronico
Il Tusco Il Tusco feat. Luke Smith Hard Rock
Ilid The Shadow Over Arkham Rock
Ill Niño Enigma Crossover
Illachime Quartet I'm Normal, My Heart Still Works Electronic
Illdisposed The Prestige Extreme Metal
Illuminate Augen Blicke Gothic
Illumion Hunting For Significance Prog
Illusion Suite Final Hour Prog Metal
Iluvatar A Story Two Days Wide... Prog
Imagin'Aria Esperia Prog
Imagin'Aria Exeligere Prog
Imaginery Long Lost Pride Heavy Metal
Impact Demo 2007 Prog
Impera Legacy of Life Hard Rock
Impressions Of Winter Iuturna Gothic
In Extremo Sunder Ohne Zugel Medioeval Metal
In Extremo 7 Medioeval Metal
In-Side Out-Side AOR
In Strict Confidence Mistrust the Angels EBM
In Strict Confidence Where Sun and Moon Unite EBM
In Strict Confidence Exile Paradise EBM
In The Labyrinth One Trail to Heaven Prog
In Tormentata Quiete In Tormentata Quiete Gothic
In Vino Veritas Grimorium Magi Medieval Rock
Index Ao Vivo Prog
Indigo Dying Indigo Dying AOR
Indukti Idem Prog Metal
Ines The Flow / Slipping Into the Unknown  Prog
Infinity Overture Kingdom of Utopia Symphonic Metal
Inkubus Sukkubus Supernature Gothic
Inner Axis Midnight Hunter / Steelbladed Avenger Heavy Metal
Inner Quest Inner Quest Prog Metal
Inner Wish Inner Strenght Heavy Metal
Innocent Rosie Bad Habit Hard Rock
Inquire Melancholia Prog
Insonar L’Enfant Et Le Mènure Experimental
Intelligent Music Project Sorcery Inside + Life Motion AOR Prog
Interferenze v1.1 & v1.2 Punk Elettronico
Intergalactic Huso Orchestra Spaced Out Fusion
Interpose Interpose Prog
Interpose Indifferent Prog
Introitus Elements Prog
Introitus Anima Prog
Invertigo Veritas Prog
Iommi Fused Hard Rock
Ion Madre, Protégenos Ethereal
Ion Immaculada Ethereal
Ion Vein Reigning Memories Prog Metal
IQ Subterranea (DVD) Prog 
IQ Dark Matter Prog
IQ IQ20 (DVD) Prog
IQ Frequency Prog
Irfan Irfan Ethno Goth
Irfan Seraphim Ethno Goth
Irfan The Eternal Return Ethno Goth
Iridio Waves of Life Medieval
Iridio Endless Way Medieval
Iron Kim Style Iron Kim Style Jazz Rock
Iron Maiden The Book of Souls Heavy Metal
Iron Mask Shadow of the Red Baron Virtuoso 
Iron Mountain Unum Folk Metal
Isildurs Bane Mind vol.2 live Prog
Isildurs Bane Mind vol.3 Prog
Isproject The Archinauts Prog
Istant Flight Colours & Lights Prog
It Bites The Tall Ships Prog
IV Luna Anteroom Prog Metal
IV Luna The Last Day Of An Ordinary Life Prog Metal
IV Mirror Under a Black Sun Prog Metal
Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects Recoil Hard Rock
Ivanhoe Lifeline Prog Metal
Ivy Gold Six Dusty Winds Rock Blues
IWR Ground Zero EBM
IWR Cold Asylum EBM
IX Ora Pro Nobis Prog
Izzizzari Massimo Unstable Balance Virtuoso

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